Gardening in a Drought

With over half the continental US experiencing drought conditions, ensuring that your summer garden isn’t contributing to water shortages has become increasingly important. No stranger to water restrictions, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department provides some simple suggestions that can go a long way to saving both your garden and water resources.

The Department encourages gardeners to “go native” — use plants and flowers that are native to your region and will be more suited to natural conditions. The Native Plant Information Network’s Recommended Species website provides an interactive map to help determine which plants are native to your area.

Other suggestions include for landscaping responsibly include:
- Watering lawns and gardens in the morning or evening to prevent evaporation.
- Regularly maintaining automatic sprinklers to prevent overwatering, including the installation of rain shut-off devices.
- Using drip irrigation systems.
- Collecting rain in rain barrels to water gardens.
- Mulching to retain water and reduce run-off.

Has the hot summer weather affected your gardening habits this year? Have you made landscaping choices to take water efficiency into account? Let us know about it!

Getting Back to Nature with World Naked Gardening Day.

Here’s a home activity we’re not sure we want you to photograph for the NestPix Community: Naked gardening!

This Saturday, May 5, marks the 8th Annual World Naked Gardening Day.  Founded by the Body Freedom Collaborative, World Naked Gardening Day (WNGD) focuses on being au naturel while enjoying nature.

The group’s website, (note: the website features people in the buff), says that one of the reasons for WNGD is to promote “a healthy sense of both body acceptance and our relation to the natural environment” and encourages participants to “just get naked and make your part of the botanical world a healthier and more attractive place.”

If you’re willing to give WNGD a chance, be sure to wear sunscreen, watch out for thorny plants and be careful where you sit.

Enjoy and be free!