FBA Product Inspections 和 Testing for Amazon Sellers

Why Product Inspections 和 Testing are Critical for Amazon Sellers:

你的客户: 你的利润: Your Responsibility:
Almost one-third of online returns are due to damaged or poor quality products Reducing returns can increase your profits by up to 50% 作为一个卖家, you are responsible for ensuring your products comply with your market’s laws 和 regulations (REACH, CPSIA, 支持65, 等.)

How bet366沙巴体育 Helps with Amazon FBA:

Pre-Shipment Inspections for Amazon FBA sellers

  • Design the quality checklist for your product: choose from thous和s of off-the-shelf options or develop your specifications from scratch with the assistance of bet366沙巴体育 product experts
  • Book your inspection online: use our intuitive booking system, online 和 on mobile
  • Verify product quality before it leaves the factory: within 48 hours of your order, inspectors specialized in your product arrive onsite to check your shipment against your specifications
  • Get the full picture: a detailed inspection report with photographs 和 defect descriptions is sent to you the same day as the inspection
  • Accept or reject with one click: make the decision for your shipment, even if you’re on the go
  • Never pay for defective products again

FBA Product Lab Testing

  • Just the tests you need: get expert advice on the exact lab tests 和/or certifications necessary for your product 和 your market
  • 没有惊喜: instant test quotes emailed to you before you order
  • One-stop shop for product testing: book your tests online, no need to juggle multiple labs
  • Hassle-free samples: samples are securely shipped to our fully accredited labs, located close to manufacturing hubs
  • Industry-leading report delivery: get your lab test reports within 4 days of sample receipt
  • Protect yourself from fines 和 recalls

Why Choose bet366沙巴体育 as Your FBA Inspection 和 Testing Partner

  • 亚马逊批准: we are members of the Amazon Service Provider Network 和 have a true underst和ing of Amazon requirements for sellers
  • Fast 和 flexible: inspectors onsite in 48 hours, same-day inspection reports, lab reports delivered within 4 days
  • Online 和 mobile: access your orders, reports 和 testing data anywhere, any time
  • Global coverage 和 strong local presence: we operate in 85 countries 和 are leaders for QC in 中国
  • Transparent pricing: flat rates for inspections, instant quotes for tests, with no hidden fees
  • 产品专业知识: we are experts in all major consumer goods, including garments, 配件, 鞋子, 玩具, 电子产品, promotional products, 和更多的
  • Right for your business: with extensive experience with small 和 medium business, 和 Amazon sellers specifically, we underst和 the needs of your business